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How it works


You tell us what you need help with

Business, marketing, sales, design, finance, or technology talent. We have the largest talent network ready to tackle your most important projects and work on-demand.

We scope and quote your work or projects

Our talent solutions team will work with you to understand your goals, needs, and get you an official scope and quote.

You approve and pay a deposit to start

Review your official scope and quote from your phone or computer. When ready, click approve and pay a deposit so we can assemble your talent.

We assemble and guarantee your talent

We assemble pre-vetted talent and teams and guarantee their work. Our talent is vetted for their skills, industry, and specific domain expertise.

You rate your experience

You rate your experience with Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble. When you’re done, request more work or projects from our talent.


Why should I choose Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble?

Businesses can’t hire all the freelancers required to compete today especially those in secondary markets and rural and middle America. With the support of our technology, tools, and network of expert freelancers we work together to deliver fast, affordable, solutions.

How does it work?

Customers tell us what they need, we scope, quote, and guarantee the work by our domain experts within 24 hours. Once a quote is approved, we assemble the freelancers that are needed. Our technology platform simplifies the process, communication, payment, and ratings. Our freelancers love the flexible work model and predictable payment practices.

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote, click the “Get Started” button and fill out the sales form. Our sales department will then contact you to better understand your needs and help you create your account.  Next, you’ll submit your first work request, and from there a domain expert will be assigned to scope and quote your work.

How do I approve the quote?

An Official Quote will be delivered to you via email. To approve, click the “Approve” button or reply to have sales help you with this process.

How do I pay for the quote?

Payment can be made via credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or check. Be sure to talk to sales about our payment options.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee all our freelancers and their work to the specifications outlined in the official “Work Order with Scope and Quote” document for the price quoted. If you’re not happy, we will work hard to make it right.

What is a Domain Expert?

Our Domain Experts are senior qualified domain professionals who will work with you to scope the work you are requesting. Once they understand the scope of your work, your Domain Expert will create a guaranteed quote for your work.

What is the difference in one-time projects, recurring work, and part-time contractors?

One-Time Projects: One-time projects have a set of deliverables and only happen once. Assemble will work with you to define the project and agree on deliverables and price. Examples include new Shopify website, new landing page, new branding or packaging, email campaign, blog articles, automation, integrations or APIs, etc.

Recurring Work: Recurring work is predefined and set to repeat based on a set of monthly deliverables agreed upon by Assemble and customer. We’ll match you with an Assemble freelancer who will manage the recurring work. Examples include Recurring Social Media, Paid Media, PPC, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

Part-Time Contractors: Part-time virtual contractors are a form of remote-staffing that carries fewer hours per week than full-time and gives the company more flexibility to evolve and grow. Examples include Hubspot Expert, graphic designer, UI/UX designer, digital marketer, project manager, product manager, website manager, etc.

What is an account manager?

Account Managers serve as your day-to-day point of contact for customers, helping to maintain your success and oversee your teams of freelancers. They also help customers strategize on how to get the most from the services Assemble provides.

What is a project manager?

Our project managers are qualified team leaders who are selected for their management skills and domain expertise.  The project manager on your project will work directly with you to make sure the work is done quickly, efficiently and to your satisfaction.  They select and direct their team of freelancers, and manage the project tasks, budget and timeline.

Do you vet all of your freelancers?

Our customer success department recruit and interview every freelancer. All of our freelancers are then vetted for their skills, industry, and domain expertise. We also review the resume, portfolio and references of each applicant.  Additionally, freelancers are rated at the end of each work request they perform.

How fast can you assemble freelancers for my work?

Once a down payment has been received for an approved work request, we will begin assembling the freelancers you need for your work. Depending on the type, amount and complexity of work scoped, it typically takes 1-3 business days.

How do I log into the app?

Go to www.next.entrepreneur.com and click or tap the “Sign In” button.  If you have an Account, you can also bookmark app.hireassemble.com which will take you directly to the Assemble platform.

What if I forgot my password?

Go to next.entrepreneur.com and click or tap the “Sign In” button.  Enter your email. Click or tap “Forgot Password” button. The Assemble platform will send you a password reset email.

How do I create an account?

Once sales has qualified you they will send you a link to activate your account. From there sales will walk you through submitting your first work request all the way through getting assigned an account manager who will work with you to assemble freelancers for your work.

Can I view all my work requests in one place?

Once you log in to the Assemble App just click or tap the “Request” button in the upper right corner to view and manage all your work requests.

How can I collaborate with my freelancers?

You can message your freelancers within the app platform, or directly from your email.

How do I rate my experience?

At the end of your work or project, you will be emailed a form to rate your freelancers and experience. We encourage you to be open and honest with your ratings as we use this data to give feedback and improve the Assemble experience.

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