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Store Set Up

Not selling online yet? Let our team of freelancers take your products and help you begin building the online version of your store front. From product descriptions to integrating payment systems, we will help you get off the ground and set you up for success.

Review & Analysis

Already selling online but not getting the results you were hoping for? Let our team of freelancers do an in depth analysis of your store and identify what is preventing you from selling more online and provide a roadmap of how to start scaling your store.

Product Images & Descriptions

How you present your products visually on your store is extremely important. If you don't have high quality & professional photos of your products, you could be missing out on a lot of potential sales. From product photo shoots to headlines & descriptions, our team will help you create a more compelling store that will better engage users and result in more sales.

Facebook Ads & Retargeting

Most users take anywhere from 10-20 times to see your brand before they are ready to pull out the credit cards and make a purchase. This makes follow up more important than ever before and using facebook is an extremely powerful way to do this. Track users who don't convert and strategically place reminders in front of them while they are using social media so your brand stays top of mind.

Social Media Marketing

Let's turn your social media followers into a tribe of buyers using innovative and creative techniques that have proven to work time and time again. From story-telling to product offers, we will help you convert your social following into repeat buyers on your store.

Email Marketing

Let our team of freelancers turn your email list into an automated machine delivering high value content and converting users into loyal customers.

Customer Reviews

985 Reviews For Our eCommerce Freelancers


Beth D.

Alex took the time to really learn my industry and who I was targeting. Once he fully understood that, he quickly created and implemented a strategy that helped us get in front of those prospects in way I would’ve never thought of before. Thanks to Assemble we’ve had to bring on 2 more sales people to close deals.


Mark M.

We tried hiring a digital marketing specialist a few years ago and it was a disaster. Close to $10,000 later and we had no return on our investment. Assemble’s team is well vetted and simply focuses on getting you sales. We not only increased our sales by 300% but our average cart value has gone up by $20 as well. If you are trying to sell online, partnering with Assemble is by far the best thing you can do.


Sara B.

Running my own business, I didn’t have time to focus on my online presence. I tried outsourcing to an agency but I got locked into a 1 year contract that never paid off. I was obviously hesitant to try again, but a good friend of mine told me there was a team that just focused on “project” based work with no long term contracts.  I decided to give it one last shot and I’m sooo glad I did! Within 2 months the store was up and running and I was already getting compliments on how good everything looked online. We are on pace to double our product sales within the next 4 months. Highly recommend ditching the agency idea and going with Assemble.

Hire eCommerce Freelancers On-Demand

Entrepreneur NEXT is a freelance matching platform powered by Assemble.